Here you will find a selection of my compositions from 1998 until today and the stories behind them.

The tracks are sorted by release date. Below the video you will find title, genre and publication date

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Dwarf Dance (Around The World) | Electronic Dance Music | 2024

I was asked by representatives of the younger generation to make “cool” music for a change. Was I shocked or offended? Not at all, because my musical composition roots lie in “cool” music. And so I wrote this electronic dance music (EDM) piece in style of the legendary band “Scooter”. It was written in the end of 2021, when the people who commissioned it were still “dwarfes” themselves. They were enthusiastic about it. However, it took some time until the frame conditions for the music video were right. But now, in spring 2024, the time is ripe for its release.

In the video, the dwarf leaves his little mushroom house and sets off a journey around the world. He passes over 40 landmarks and even dances near some of them. Exhausted – but happy – his feathered friend finally drops him off bach in his forest home. Take a look at the video and see where the journey takes you.

“Dwarf Dance (Around The World)” is available on all streaming platforms.

Winter Is Coming | Epic Music | 2023

The musical style of “Winter Is Coming” is epic powerful orchestral music. The piece inspired by my favorite books “Song Of Ice And Fire” by George R.R. Martin. These were later adepted into the HBO series “Game Of Thrones”. The words “Winter Is Coming” are mentioned there again and again.They symbolize the dangers posed by the creatures approaching during that time.

Listen to the “Winter Is Coming” on all streaming-platforms.

Biennium 1998 – 1999 | Synthie-Pop | 2023

Since 1998 I have been composing under the name Vestigium. On the occasion of this 25th anniversary, I released an album with all the pieces that were written in my first creative period. These are exclusively original recordings from the years 1998 and 1999. “Biennium” is a period of two years. At that time, everyone was talking about the upcoming millennium. So the title “Biennium” is at the same time a reference to this event.

All tracks were played and recorded on the legendary Technics KN3000 keyboard. Accordingly, the album is also very synthesizer-emphasised. At the time, I was influenced by eurodance, which was omnipresent. By the way, I also took my “quarter of a century” as an opportunity to bring my music to the big streaming portals, and to have the name Vestigium protected as my official stage name: Vestigium®.

Listen to “Biennium 1998 – 1999” on all platforms: Linktree

Keltenfürst | Epic Music | 2022

The Celts created burial mounds for their tribal princes in the Hallstatt period (8th – 5th century BC). In the middle there was a wooden burial chamber, around which a mound of earth was piled up. Around my hometown in the southwest of Germany there are about 30 such graves. Through agriculture, however, these were leveled over time. However, there is also a grave mound model in original size. I often pass it by. And so I had the idea of composing a track about an imaginary Celtic chieftain who lived, fought and died here 2,700 years ago. In the music video you can see the grave mound model.

Sailor´s Fate | Epic Pirate Music | 2021

„Darkness all around, fire in the sky, everything is lost, but you´ll never die“ – so the choir sings in this epic piece about this sailor´s life. As a pirate, he has won a lot, but also lost everything. His name will be remembered in songs and tales. Inspired by the great compositions of Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt, who wrote the soundtrack for the Hollwood-Movie „Pirates oft he Caribbean“. The story of Captain Jack Sparrow and his sailing-ship Black Pearl.

Heartstrings | Emotional Music | 2020

In autumn 2020 I began to compose a piece that describes the darkness and the threat of pestilence in the Middle Ages – an adaptation to the corona pandemic. I had the dark sound and tense chords – but I was still missing the melody. Over and over again I played the same tones. But they were not threatening, these sounded dreamy and sentimental. And so I stopped to work on “Pandemia” (for the time being) and composed “Heartstrings” suitable for the season.

Bran Castle | Epic Music | 2019

Dracula himself welcomes you in his castle. Today a ball takes place at Bran Castle, the so-called Törzburg. The orchestra plays to dance the night away. A glittering feast begins.

The piece changes after the intro of 4/4 into a fast 6/8 bar. It is time for waltz.

Call Of Eve | Vampiric Music | 2019

In 1723, the lady of the castle Eve disappeared without a trace. Since then, travelers have reported on a woman’s song that calls them into the old walls on stormy nights. One night we too hear the song. We follow the voice and enter the ballroom. The harpsichord plays as if by magic and Eve appears to invite us to dance …

Rising | Epic Music | 2018

„A hero will rise out of the dark. He brings back the light into the world“

This epic piece is divided into three sections: At the beginning, the world has been destroyed by war. Then there is a choir calling for a savior. Hope has come true and the expected hero appears. The rescue is accompanied by powerful drums, string orchestra and electric guitar.

The Secret 2018 | Epic Music | 2018

In 1999 I wrote the early version of “The Secret”. I used this simple midi file as a background music on my first website.
The story of “The Secret” is a treasure quest in dark places.

Here ist the version from 2018 with horns, symphonic orchestra and choire. Just for once you are allowed to fast-forward to 02:00, if you don´t want to listen to the whole song 😉 What the young woman is looking for in the video in the dark forest is up to your imagination. 😉

The Great Bell | Mystic Pop | 1999

In 1995, Coolio´s “Gangsta´s Paradise“ was a megahit. I like the catchy melody, the melancholic mood, the bassline and the beat. That was the base for “The Great Bell”. In this piece, I imagine looking down upon an old city from a hill. From far away the church clock chimes conveying the emotion of home and hope.

Ballad Of The Unicorn | Mystic Dance Pop | 1999

During a drive, America’s “The Last Unicorn” was on the radio. I remembered the cartoon I liked to see when I was a little boy. And so I composed this pop-ballad with dance-elements of the nineties.

Yeah | 1990´s Dancefloor / Eurodance | 1998

During the 1990´s, Eurodance had it´s great time. Dr. Alban, Haddaway, DJ Bobo & Co. were played up and down into the clubs. This inspired me in 1998 for the recordings to „Yeah“ with the typical piano- and drumsound. On my keyboard, the soundfile „Yeah“ was already stored – and so the composition has its name.

A-GoGo | Mystic Pop | 1998

An Agogo is a musical instument with two bells. This allows to play two different pitched notes. Not as the Vestigium-Agogo. In this composition, the Agogo-Bell is the melody instrument. I figured a walk through ruins with a torch in my hand. We came across the library with dusty books and rotten chests. Old – or in other words „a long time ago“. That sounds like our melody instrument and so is the title of the song.

To The Stars | Mystic Dance Pop | 1998

I tickled the ivories with a synthie-bell-sound. I played some chords note by note – and that sounds to me like sparkling stars. Maybe I spent to much time in playing computer games before 😉 But the idea for this composition was born.