At this website you can delve into the musical world of Vestigium

The Music

Vestigium compositions have something in common: they contain some mystery, touched with fantasy. In doing so, I use different genres or music styles – as the mood takes me. And so, I have written many songs over the last 25 years. I am presenting here a selection of these songs for you to enjoy. Be inspired or moved by the music – or just lean back and relax.

Who or what ist Vestigium?

Since the mid-nineties I am composing under the name of Vestigium. This word of Latin origin means “trace” or” footstep”. In a metaphorical sense, I leave my small musical footprint in the huge world of music.

Long ago in the early 1990s I composed and arranged my first pieces of music on a small keyboard. Back then I was inspired by Dancefloor- and Dreamdance-Acts – today I look about epic film music.

More Vestigium

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Have fun listening to my music!